6. Create a fitted outer silhouette!

Use waisted blazers, jackets, vests and coats as the outermost layer to shape your silhouette slim and feminine. The eye-catching they are designed and the simpler the Underneath, the more define blazer and Co. your look. The strong center including – especially when you take into account point 1 and 6 – recedes completely optically.

7. Take advantage of the A- and Empire – lines!

Put on the advantageous silhouette of A- and Empire – line or straight-cut dresses. The ultimate objective is to oppose your dominant middle one as long as possible, strong, vertical line. This allows the eye to wander up and down, without dwelling on the belly. Whether Empire or A- line : Make sure that the cuts are made very close to the body to the lower chest area, and only there, where your stomach starts slightly flared, easy to fall down ( ). If a dress has a straight cut, such as a shirt dress, you can fix it with a narrow belt in the form of either sitting just above or below your Bäuchleins, on a narrower point. By the way : Empire and slight A – lines are also in the upper parts of your first choice!

I think with these 7 tips, you are well prepared to start your very own belly – away program. I decided with my last purchase for the tips 2, 5 and 6. Thus, two side ruched tops with wrap -neck in a soft viscose jersey and two long cut linen blouses are landed with a slight A- line and empire seam in my shopping bags. No part of it is black. For now enrich their summer whites, cheerful magenta and flashy red base my wardrobe and my Buddha belly gently caress. With this symbol of serenity my little fashion dilemma gets quickly forgotten… is modern and contemporary organization system and is very visited internet shop. With fabulous amenities and prices are there and interested visitors who eagerly await new surprises that online sales of this type provide on a daily basis.