1. Mess with eye-catching patterns!

Wear with dresses, long blouses, tops or bathing suits so showy, colorful patterns that the eye can not fix on one point. Important: The pattern should force a view movement from top to bottom through the entire body. If the eye wanders constantly, it can not take as close look at the belly fat… so you do not necessarily have with tummy waive the trendy striped designs, floral patterns or prints Leo. Also think about on color blocking effects that can affect the eye movement in the same way.

2. Bring movement into the fabric!

Place ruffles, draping and ruffles in such a way that the fabric over the stomach in loose waves sets. Now know as the eye can not remember what wave to a flab and what belongs to the draped fabric and gives up. Good for you!

3. Do not put your top into the waistband!

It is advantageous if you do not insert a shell into pants or skirt, but wear loose over the waistband is. To extend and narrowing your upper body as a whole and prevent the eye fixed in the middle of the pocket or waistband. It should look with X- Figure out A- figure types and women, that the upper part does not end just at the widest part of your hips. Ideal are tunics and longer blouses with round hem, you can combine slim-fitting pants or skirts and high heels.